Advice for First-Years

Here are some things to think about in your first year if you are considering concentrating in Economics.


  • Ec 10:  Ec 10 (a & b) is the standard starting point for those considering concentrating in economics and a prerequisite for upper-level classes, so we strongly encourage you to enroll in Ec 10 as a first-year.  For those of you who can place out of Ec 10, we suggest that you enroll in one of the intermediate theory courses (e.g., Ec 1010a/b) or another course that has Ec 10 as a pre-req.
  • Math:  We also recommend that you take math during your first year. All concentrators must take (or place out of) Math 1a, which is a prereq for Ec 1010a/b (which you'll want to take sophomore year). Those of you interested in honors will also need to take (or place out of) Math 1b and a multivariable calculus course (Math 18/Math 21a/AM 21a).
  • Stats:  Lastly, we recommend that you take statistics first year (Stats 100/104/109/110/AM 101/Math 154 - see the FAQs linked on the Concentration Requirement page for how these differ). This will allow you to take econometrics (e.g., Ec 1123) fall of sophomore year, before sophomore tutorial in the spring (Ec 970).

Bigger Picture:

We're really excited that you are considering concentrating in economics. Economics is an enormously rich field that gives you the tools to study a very broad set of topics. Although Ec is clearly a good fit for those of you interested in finance and consulting, it is also a field that lets you study such varied issues as inequality, crime, obesity, the environment...the list goes on and on. For more detail, the Ec Concentrator Guide provides an introduction to the subfields within economics (see p20), and you'll see from the faculty pages the enormous breadth of topics that economists study.