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Amanda Pallais

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 Economics, Business Economics, Political Economy, and Government Students
Name Primary Field(s) Secondary Field(s)
Lisa Abraham Labor Economics, Public Finance  
Edoardo Maria Acabbi  Financial Economics, Macroeconomics Labor Economics
Omar Barbiero International Macroeconomics Macroeconomics, Trade
Alex Bell Labor Economics, Social Economics           Public Economics, Innovation
Sophie Calder-Wang Industrial Organization Finance, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate
Moya Chin Development Economics Political Economy
Chris Clayton Macroeconomics, Financial Economics  
Paulo Costa Household Finance, Behavioral Finance Experimental Economics, Empirical Asset Pricing
Xiang Ding International Trade Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization
Jetlir Duraj Economic Theory Behavioral Economics
Nir Hak Industrial Organization Theory, Network Theory
Taehoon Kim International Macroeconomics, Financial Economics  
Alejandro Lagomarsino Labor Economics, Political Economy Public Economics
David Martin Labor Economics, Economics of Education Behavioral Economics
Sanjay Misra Public Finance Macroeconomics, Labor Economics
Andrea Passalacqua Banking, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship Innovation
Itzchak Tzachi Raz Economic History, Political Economy Cultural Economics, Development Economics
Jonathan Roth Econometrics Labor Economics, Machine Learning
Elisa Rubbo Macroeconomics, International Economics   
Priya Shanmugam Health Economics, Labor Economics Behavioral Economics
Robert Siliciano Public Economics Theory
Michael Thaler Psychology and Economics, Experimental Economics, Political Economy Applied Theory
  Affiliated Students (Public Policy, Health Policy)
Megan Bailey Environmental Economics, Econometrics   
A. Patrick Behrer             
Madeleine Gelblum Labor Economics, Personnel Economics                   Public Economics
Asad Liaqat Development Economics         Political Economy, Behavioral Economics
M.R. Sharan Development Economics, Political Economy  
Christine Mulhern Labor Economics, Public Economics, Economics of Education  
Rebecca Sachs Health Economics, Public Economics Labor Economics
Maryaline Catillon Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation
Julia Dennett Health Economics Labor Economics, Public Economics
Annabelle Fowler Health Economics, Health Policy Labor Economics, Industrial Organization
Dan Ly Health Economics  
Adrienne Sabety Health Economics Industrial Organization, Labor Economics
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