There are two types of honors for undergraduates: Latin honors (summa, magna, cum laude) are determined by the College and English honors (highest honors, high honors, honors) are determined by departments.  

Concentrators wishing to pursue honors in economics have two options: the Thesis Track and the Advanced Course Track (ACT).  To be eligible for high or highest honors in economics, a student must successfully complete the Thesis Track.  Concentrators who pursue the ACT are eligible for honors in economics.  The specific honors requirements are discussed in our concentration requirements

To be eligible for summa cum laude or magna cum laude from the College, students must receive high or highest honors from their concentration.  Students with honors from their concentration are eligible for cum laude from the College (called Cum Laude in Field below).  Students without honors from their concentration may still earn cum laude from the College if their overall GPA meets the overall GPA cutoff for magna cum laude (called Cum Laude below).  If you understood all of that, congratulations!  For more info, check out these Honors FAQs and chat with your concentration advisor.

Calculation of Honors

English honors: Ec GPA cutoffs and other info on calculating Department honors.

Latin honors: the following overall GPA cutoffs were established by the Faculty for awarding degrees Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude in Field for the May 2015 degree period.  

  • Magna Cum Laude in Field: 3.772
    Cum Laude in Field: 3.525
    Cum Laude: 3.772

Latin Honors cut offs from past years:

  • 2014 Magna Cum Laude in Field: 3.769
    Cum Laude in Field: 3.511
    Cum Laude: 3.769

  • 2013 Magna Cum Laude in Field:  3.763
    Cum Laude in Field:  3.480
    Cum Laude: 3.763
  • 2012 Magna Cum Laude: 3.756
    Cum Laude in Field: 3.484
    Cum Laude: 3.756
  • 2011 Magna Cum Laude in Field: 3.750
    Cum Laude in Field: 3.480
    Cum Laude: 3.750
  • 2010 Magna Cum Laude in field: 3.740
    Cum Laude in Field: 3.472
    Cum Laude: 3.740
  • 2009 Magna Cum Laude in Field: 3.721 
    Cum Laude in Field: 3.448
    Cum Laude: 3.721

Honors General Exam

All economics concentrators wishing to be considered for honors must take the economics honors general exam.

The 2016 Honors Exam will be held on April 6, 2016 from 3-6pm.

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