Technical Security

What about Word or Excel Passwords on files containing CI?

Users should not depend on the built-in file locking in Microsoft Office for confidential info. Any number of programs can be used to circumvent the protections instead, users can encrypt such files using PGP or, for Windows computers, WinZip.

What about CI on USB drives, CDs, etc?

Only when there is a business reason to do so, non-HRCI confidential info may be kept on USB drives, CDs or external hard drives only if those devices are encrypted. In these cases, please contact IT Security ( to request an IronKey secure flash drive, which will be provided at no cost.

What about other student info?

Student info (such as grades, reference letters, transcripts, personal statements, class work) must be treated as CI. As a general rule, it is best for faculty and staff to treat all student data as CI, unless there are specific reasons not to.